Dear friends! The "TimeAct" institution does not receive external financing. It is clear that day-to-day activities require a minimum of office operation, stationery, communications, postage, etc. We also want to make not just a beautiful, but a lively and effective website of the "TimeAct". Well, and our daily human rights activities, given the availability of appropriate resources, will be much more effective, will help more people who need it. In this regard, the social-information institution "TimeAct" announces a public offer on concluding a donation agreement. Public offer for concluding a donation agreement. If you share the goals and objectives of our institution, support the activities of Time Management for the protection of human rights and freedoms, primarily prisoners of Belarusian prison facilities, and also have the opportunity and desire to provide financial assistance to the TimeTakTime institution, you can make a voluntary voluntary contribution ( donation) to the settlement account of the institution BY36UNBS30150101220000013933 in ZAO "BSB Bank" BIC UNBSBY2X UNP 192751072 (Department No. 13, Minsk, Dzerzhinsky Ave., 80). By clicking on the button "Support the institution", you agree with the following: Purposes of a voluntary voluntary contribution: for the implementation of the statutory goals and objectives of the socio-information institution "Time", payment of wages, rent, utility payments and other needs of the institution. Gratuitous voluntary contributions are accepted in any currency from citizens of the Republic of Belarus permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as foreign citizens who have a residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Belarus (residence permit). You can make a voluntary donation (donation) in the following ways: - in cash in the branch of any bank, indicating in the column "Purpose of payment" (verbatim!): A voluntary voluntary contribution (donation) for the implementation of the statutory goals and tasks of the socio-information institution "Time", payment of wages, rent, utility payments and other needs of the institution. Note: in accordance with the legislation of Belarus, a different formulation of the purpose of payment may entail the need to pay additional tax and / or other payments from the transferred amount. We recommend that you make donations in cash to the account of the "TimeAct" institution in the branches of the BSS Bank, since the transfer of funds to branches of other banks may require the payer to pay additional commission payments to the bank. - by bank card; - via electronic payment systems (Web-money, EasyPay, WebPay and others), if your bank card allows them to be made and / or if you have an electronic wallet. At present, we are working to open an opportunity to make donations in favor of the "TimeAct" institution through the ERIP system. As soon as this opportunity appears, we will post on the site a detailed instruction on how to use it. We guarantee: - use of incoming voluntary contributions solely for the intended purpose; - publication on the site of the institution and / or on the Facebook page of the TimeTak institution on Facebook, monthly reports on the amount of voluntary contributions received (donations) and their expenditure, indicating specific items of expenditure.